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BOOKMARKS allow you to select any individual journal entry (by date/title).

As viewed on a typical PC window (with Adobe Acrobat Reader):

IF you don't see the bookmark icon on your   journal preview...then please download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please do the following:

1) Download and install the ADOBE ACROBAT READER  (click here to download).

2) Download and save the journal file to your system, (not just open a journal to view).

3) Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader program app; then open the downloaded journal(s).

4) View each journal with the interactive Bookmarks and then choose any journal entry (by date/title) to immediately enjoy an individual ride!

You will find the bookmarks on a PC on the left column in the Acrobat Reader:


From an Apple device, the journal may appear like this (after opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Enjoy your journey into the Nogal Journals...and follow along with us anytime!
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